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Poland: by shehid Radhe

Poland is located in Eastern and Central Europe and border on Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuanian, and Belarus.
The absolute location is 52 degrees north 20 degrees south. They cities are Warsaw the biggest city Katowice is the second biggest city Krakow, Wrocław, Gdansk and Lodz. The geographic feature is the European plain.

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The Poland flag

The Poland flag was adopted on August 1, 1919.

Red and white have long been associated with Poland and its coast of arms on the modern flag. White is represented hope and peace by all Poland's people. Red is the symbolic reference to socialism from days gone by. Poland flag is smiler to the flag of Indonesia and Monaco which are red and white.The eagle on the flag represents bravery and courage.

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Physical Geography

It has one of Europeans only five natural deserts called Pustynia Bledowska some twenty high mountains called the Tary, rivers, wetlands, and patchwork land scope of agricultural fields. Its one of the highest number of lakes in the entire world. The closest state to Poland is New Mexico and the climate is like continental and maritime
moderate to hot summer and clod snowy winters.

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Population of Poland

The total population of Poland is 38,441,588 the major cities are Warsaw 1.71 million and Krawkow 756,000 In (2009). the population density is
122 people per Km2 and the growth rate is 0.062%. The largest cities in Poland are Warsaw,Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan and Gdansk. The most important change in postwar Poland's population distribution was the intense urbanization that took place during the first two decades of communist rule.

Sociology of poland

The average family in Poland is large and comfortable, each one an independent nation unto itself, with traditions, customs, and practices unique to each family. But each family also bows before a power that they each believe to reign over all.But each family also bows before a power that they each believe to reign over all. The family itself provides for all of its members and raises its youth to respect authority. It may be because of this that Poland has one of the lowest crime rates in the western world. Poland has suffered a lot of criticism for its adherence to traditional Catholic values, but it would appear that their stubbornness has yielded productive fruit. The socail calsses are lower class uper class and middle class just like united state.

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Polands holiday and customs

Poles are seen as a nation of fun lovers who enjoy festivities, traditions and centuries-old customs. The most ancient rituals, especially those dating back to pagan times, have long lost their magical character, becoming a colourful vestige of the past and a form of amusement.
In Poland all weekends and festivals are free of work.
On Sundays and holidays, including those that take place on Sunday, offices do not operate and there is a trade prohibition. Sometimes there is also a possibility of a so-called long weekend when the holidays occur on weekdays in the vicinity of weekends. Polish people take a day or two off and thanks to that they have more days to relax.The two main national holidays are the anniversary of the restoration of independence in 1918, celebrated on 11 November, and the anniversary of the passing of Poland's first Constitution on 3 May 1791. These are official holidays with ceremonies, marches, concerts and other festivities. christmas is a very festive holiday in Poland. Many customs, ceremonies and beliefs centre around Christmas Eve, a special day in Polish homes.

Celebration - The reception celebration usually includes lively polka music and dancing. If a Polish bride can drink from her glass of wine, and not spill a drop, she is considered lucky. The removal of the bridal veil, known as the oczepiny ceremony, is another traditional element of a Polish wedding day. The bride's veil will be removed as she enters the reception hall, signifying the end of her maidenhood and her transition to a married woman. A funny hat will be placed on the groom's head, representing the wish that the marriage will be full of happiness and laughter.Thy celebrate birthdays. Birthdays are considered special. They sing Sto Lat on there birthdays

Poland traditions different kind of festivals. every festival carries it on significance. Owing to the Poland traditions, the polish are occupied with festival all the year round. a few of other Poland festival are organized on religious beliefs, a few are observed for the betterment of the commerce in Poland. Wigilia is one of the Poland traditions that is continuing for ages. It is held on the Christmas Eve. It is a feast family where the vegetarian dinner is served.

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Government of Poland

The Poland is the republic It's full name is Rzeczpospolita Polska, meaning Republic of Poland. Poland gained its independence in 1918 only to be overrun by Germany and the Soviet Union in World War II. It became a Soviet satellite country following the war, but one that was comparatively tolerant and progressive.
The Republic of Poland in the early 1990s made great progress toward achieving a fully democratic government and a market economy. In November 1990, Lech Walesa was elected President for a 5-year term. The head sate name of government is the republic. Poland is part to all important international agreements relevant to humans rights. It has abolished the death penalty and has ratified the international criminal court agreement. Poland is democracy

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Economy of poland

GDP (2010): $476 billion.
Real GDP growth (2010): 3.8%.
Per capita GDP (2010): $12,450.
Rate of inflation (2010, average): 2.6%.
Natural resources: Coal, copper, sulfur, natural gas, silver, lead, salt.
Agriculture: Products--grains, hogs, dairy, potatoes, horticulture, sugar beets, oilseed.
Industry: Types--machine building, , chemicals, mining, shipbuilding, automobiles, furniture, , pulp and paper, food processing, glass, beverages.
Trade (2009): Exports--$142.1 billion: furniture, cars, home appliances, coal, LCD monitors.Imports--$146.4 billion: crude oil, passenger cars, pharmaceuticals, car parts, computers.
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Cultures of Poland

The most popular sport in Poland is soccer.Over 400,000 Poles play football regularly, with millions more playing occasionally.People in Poland dress like in the rest of Europe and the westernised world. They have very colourful traditional dress and their own exotic traditional dances and music. Polish people speak the Polish language. It has the second largest number of speakers among Slavic languages after Russian. Because of emigration from Poland in various periods, millions of Polish-speakers may be also found in countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, United States, etc.Hobbies of Poland are similar to Untied State. Polish literature is the literary tradition of Poland. Most Polish literature has been written in the Polish language. The earl literature of Poland was written in Latin.
The most popular movies in Poland are Good-fellas,Sin city, Hannibal. Poland has always been a very open country to new music genres and even before the fall of communism, music styles like rock, metal, jazz, electronic, and New Wave were well-known.
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Ethinc and religion of poland

97.7% of the poeople in poland calim poland natianalty.and 97.8% declare that they speak polish at home.
There are one hundred and thirty-eight registered churches and religious associations in Poland. Poland has no official religion but majority of the population belong to the Roman Catholic. People in poland who attend church regularaly could be as low as 41 per cent.Poland has earned a reputation as one of the nations of Europe with the maximum religious tolerance.poland religion is therefore not restricted to a single religion. Anyone can find the traces of Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Roman Catholicism in Poland. The historical record says that the population of the Jewish in Poland was nearly three million prior to the World War II when Poland regained its independence.


1.Alcohol and teen abuse

2.they have propblem of being Unemploymend

3.Have proplem with Money

4.big influence of the church



1.make their country notice the abuse is going on in their country

2.Make them get more compenies and more oppertonities for the people that don't have a job.

3.The government should work on that. I dont know

4.Every body work to make it better

5.work on not being rasizm


1.What is the most popular sport in france?

2.What is there largest city?

3.what type of government they gave?

4.what does their flag look like?

5.Whar is the capital of Poland?


1.Soccer is most popular sport in poland.

2.Poland's largest city is Warszawa.

3.Poland have REPUBLIC.

4.its White above, red under.It also have a white eagle on a red shield on the white part of the flag.

5. The capital of poland is Warsaw.