relative location; is 99N, 12E
absolute location; In Europe, on the eastern shore of the Baltic SeaVilnius is the capital of Lithuania, and largest city with population of 20,920 (850,324 all together with Vilnius county)

The proper colors of both national and state flag are made according to the pantone matching systen, specific pantone textile paper. the ratio of both the national and state flag must be 3:5, with the standard flag size to be 1 meter by 1.7 meters by law. the yellow on the flag is meant to symbolize lithuania, the green is for its green money, and the red represents all the blood in Lithuania.


  • it is larger than Belgium, Denmark, Latvia, the Netherlands, or Switzerland.
  • ands and highlands, flat land
  • no lakes
  • the largest river is Nemunas river.
  • 32.8% consists of only trees no land

ethnic groups-unspecified 3.9%
Religions- none/9.5%
Languages- Lithuanian (officail), other 4.4%

february-16/ (lietuvous valstybes atkurimo diena)
march-11/ day of ria (lietuvos nepriklausomybes diena)
december-25&26/ christmas (Sv.Kaledos)

Christmas Eve is the most important holiday of the year, because the whole and unleavened biscuits baked only for Christmas Eve go good with cookies

Easter is celebrated. Looks for more information on the "Palm Sunday Flowers" sign.

The Feast of St. John, Jonines, June 24th, celebrates the longest day of the year. erection

external image Lithuanian-Native-Costumes.jpgCLOTHING- Woven sashes are a podered on their aprons. Women dressed in traditional wear often style their hair in knots

MUSIC- lithuanian has a long history
lithuanian people listen to many FOLK MUSIC-folk music neolithic corded ware culture

Different vocal and instrumental forms developed, such-law, and the innermost thoughts and emotions of the would-be bride.