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Portugal By: Sydney Johnson

Info on Portugal
The Absolute location is 38 degrees north and 9 degrees south and the relative location is Southwest of europe and west to the atlantic. The capital of Portugal is Lisbon. The only bordering country to Portugal is Spain, which is east of it.
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Portugal Flag ^^
The green of the flag symbolizes the hope for the future and the red symbolizes the blood of the nation and the shield in the middle of the flag represent the 5 moorish kings who were defeated by portugals first king. if you want to know more information on the flag click the link above.
Physical Features of Portugal
Portugal occupies 1/5 of the iberian peninsula, which it shares with Spain. The major rivers of Portgual are the sado river, which orginated in Spain. there are the Minho, The Tagus and the Guadiana. The closest state to the Portugal is Maine and Indiana. portugal is 35,655 sq miles, indiana is 36,420 sq miles and Maine is 35,387 sq miles. The climate in Portugal is The northeast part, is a continental climate where they have very hot summer, severe, and cold winters. But also has lovely transitional season for the tourists. The southern portions of Portugal have an amazingly lovely mediterranean climate. it has a long warm, windless summer and even in the winter its like this and theres only a 1/3 chance of rain or snow.
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Population of Portugal
The total population of Portugal is 10,760,305. The population growth 0.212% each year. The Birth rate is 9.94/1000 of population. The death rate is 10.8/1,000 of the population. the immigration rate is 2.98/1000 outta the population. Lisbon's population is 2,808 million and porto is 1,344 million. these are both major cities.
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Sociology of Portugal
Social classes etc.
divorce and marriage graph
Family is very important to Portugal families, even the extended family is very close to the main family. Loyalty is a big part of families there you have to be loyal. The average family size is 6 people per family... it isnt sure how much the divorce rate is. i saw a few graphs that shows that in the recent years the divorce rate has doubled if you want more info or to see the graphs click the link above that says "Divorce and marriage graph"... There is consitered to be 2 social classes the politcal power and social prestiage but that was in the past (history) now its like americas social class. Lower class, middle class, and upper class and political people, etc, etc.
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Portugal Holidays
'Portugal Christmas'
Wedding Traditions
5 important holidays of portugal are mostly revolved around religion like 1. Christmas day- Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. 2. Easter- the day Jesus rose agian. 3. Good Friday- The day Jesus was crusified. 4. Portugal Day- marking the death of Luis de Cameos and celebrating the history of his life. 5. Liberty day- Is the celebration of freedom. Christmas is a big thing in portugal and the way the celebrate Christmas is very spiritual. The main thing of christmas to them is the Christmas tree, they dress the christmas tree with many beautiful and artistic decorations. every christmas the people put a piece of oak that keeps burning on the hearth all through Christmas day. The wooden piece is known as a 'Cepo de Natal' or Christmas log. another thing they do is set up a navitiy that shows the virgin mary and baby Jesus in his crib surrounded by the 3 wise men and the animals. At midnight they attend a midnight mass, as known as Misso do Galo. if you want anymore info on how they celebrate christmas click the link above thats called "Portugal Christmas". Traditional Portuguese weddings, a tradition is the groom send a friend or relative to ask the father for permission to ask their daughter for her hand marriage, it is traditon for the bride to wear a white chinese tunic with colorful jewels and the man to wear a dark suit, white shirt and a dark stylish top hat. if you want anymore information on the wedding traditions click on the link above that says wedding tradition.
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Portugal government
The type of government of portugal is parlimentry democracy. the head of state or president is Anibal Cavaco Silva. The branches that portugal has excutive government which has the head of state, cabinet, elections, and election results. The legislative branch is made up of elections and elections result. The Judical branch is the supreme court. if you want anymore information on these then click the link above.
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Portugal economy
The GDP is $204.4 billion and the growth rate is 0.3% its sorta a problem they have been having issues with the economy for awhile now so i would say that it isn't good. The industral products here are Textiles and footwear; wood pulp, paper, and cork; metals and metalworking; oil refining; chemicals; fish canning; rubber and plastic products; ceramics; electronics and communications equipment; rail transportation equipment; aerospace equipment; ship construction and refurbishment; wine; tourism . The imported products are machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, petroluem, textiles, and agricultral products. The exported products are clothing, footwear, machinery, chemicals, cork, paper products and hides. some agricultural products that are produced are grain, potatoes,olives,grapes,sheep,cattle,poultry,beef, and diary products. I'd say that my country is not really developed just because there isnt alot products going in or out and they just seem under developed. If you want anymore information click the link above.
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Traditional clothing
The main sport of Portugal is Football A.K.A in america soccer, and what you do in soccer is you cant use your hands and you have to kick or dribble it down the field into the other persons goal you can use your stomach knees, and head. The traditional clothing they usually wear it consists of berets, stocking caps,baggy shirts, trousers for men, women wear long dresses and shawls. the main languages are english and spanish. The activities in Portugal are surfing, photography, playing football (soccer), selling crafts. there are a whole ton of activities in portugal. Some movies made in portugal was a james bond film called her majesty's in secret service. popular music in Portugal is alot like america they like hip-hop, rap, some popular portuguese music is the spanish quitar. you can never go wrong with playing a spanish guitar.
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The religious percent in portugal is Roman catholic 84.5%, Christian 2.2%, other 0.3%, unknown 9%, none 3.9%. The main Religion of Portugal is Roman Catholic, its the teaches of Jesus and his apostles in a more stricter way. There main icon in the religion is the virgin Mary. There doesnt seem to be any religious or ethnicity fighting or problems. The ethnic groups are homogenous mediterranean stock, citizens of black people who migrated from africa and lastly the eastern europeans.
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financial problems
market lose?
Portugal in Debt?
1. There is alot of financial problems such as debt, credit ratings, budget cuts, taxes and portugal is on the brink of a diaster for more information on the problem click the link above.
2. Due to the severity of debt in Portugal they are planning on cutting them from the stock market. more info click the link above.
3. people are losing budgeting for schools so the schools arent as good. <sorry lost the link for this>
4. Government is making teachers to live in the same place for four-years til their contract is up. for more info click the link above.
5. Portugal is in huge debt slump right now and are trying to figure out how to get outta it but sadly the realize its gonna take alotta money that they dont have which will plumit them into more debt. for more info click the link above.
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Solutions to the problem.
1. well for one i cant really say how you can solve it because im not a government worker and im not good with these kinds of things. i mean i would suggest a budget cut, but they already have so many budget cuts already. so id say maybe cut the governments budget. truthfully there is no way for them to get outta it they sorta dug their own grave on this one so im sorry to say there isnt really anything you can do but to just sit and watch because the americans already have their own problems to deal with and are in over trillion dollars in debt too, so basically everyone is screwed here...
2. I'd say thats probably not a good idea. but like i said before on the comment for #1. there is really nothing we can do.
3. I'd say that maybe other big countries like china or something to help out.
4. i think thats stupid they should have the right to move i mean really? are they gonna make em wear ankle braclets that tell them where they are. i dont think so i think they should be able to move.. its stupid.
5. i think that personally maybe they should stop spending soo much money. its the economy thats making the debt and the economy is set to the people who buy stuff so if people maybe stop spending, spending, spending maybe we wouldnt have this problem...
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Questions. :)
1. What is the main religion of Portugal?

2. What is the main problem in portugal?
a. money and debt.
b. not enough funding in school
c. animals are over breeding.
d. A and B.
e. none of these above.

3. What is the main language of Portugal?

4. which country is by portugal?
a. Spain
b. france.
c. united kingdom
d. italy.

5. what are the colors of the flag.
a. Black and yellow!
b. red, green, yellow.
c. red and blue
D. none of these above.
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1. Roman catholic
3. Spanish and english
4. A
5. B

Thank for playing!!!

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