File:Cy60 en.jpg
File:Cy60 en.jpg
Cyprus: Brett Byykkonen

Cyprus is an Island in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is part of Europe, and has been faught over for years, untill it got its independince in the 1960's. The earliest known human activity on Cyprus was around the 10th millennium BC. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia, and is also the Largest city. Cyprus can be found at about 35°08′N 33°28′E.

File:Flag of Cyprus.svg
File:Flag of Cyprus.svg

The Flag of Cyprus:

The flag is pure White, with Cyprus at the center
with two overlaping Olive Branches underneith.
The two Olive branches stand for peace, The white
Back of the flag also stands for peace, and the
Orange color of the country, stands for the large
amounts of copper ore, found on the Island.

The Physical Geography:

Some Physical Landmarks include, its an island,
It also has The Troodos Mountains That run along
the country.
File:Troodos mountains.jpg
File:Troodos mountains.jpg
This island is also the Home of Mount
Olympus. Mount Olympus's Peak is the highest peak
found on Cyprus. This peak reaches 6404 feet.

The Population:

The total population in Cyprus is Just under
1,100,000 people. There is about 221 People,
per square mile in Cyprus. The population In
Cyprus has been increasing over the years.external image 400px-World-Population-1800-2100.png
The life expenctancy of a man in cyprus, is
79.7 years. As compared to the life expenctancy
in the United States is only at 78.4 years.


The normal family size in Cyprus is one
or two kids per family. This has been
adoptied into the population in recent
years, before they had usually five or
more kids per family. Children are expected
to live close to their parents, and are
expected to take care of there parents in
Meals commonly feature bread, yogurt, and a variety of vegetables, salads, and dips.
Meals commonly feature bread, yogurt, and a variety of vegetables, salads, and dips.

their elderly years. This trend is declining
though and many do not follow this
tradition anymore. Both men and wemon
usually work full-time to support a family.


Five important Holidays in Cyprus include,
Dec. 25: Christmas Day, Jan. 1: New
Years day, Jan, 6: Epiphany, Mar. 7:
Green monday, and Apr. 1: Greek
Crypiot National Day. Some traditions
of Cyprus Include Eating together, taking
care of parents when they get older,
and doing everything together as a family.



The Government of Cyprus is a Republic.
A republic is A state in which supreme
power is held by the people and their elected
representatives, and which has an elected or
nominated president rather than a monarch.
The Current president of Cyprus is Dimitris Christofias.

external image Dimitris_Christofias.jpg


The GDP of Cyprus is $22.745 Billion,
And the per capita is $27,713. In Cyprus
They grow Carrots, Potatos, and various
fruits. Cyprus is belived to be rich in Natural
gas, and Crude oil. Cars, Computer equiptment,
and gold, are some imports. Cheeses, wines,
and medical equiptment are some exports.
This country has a healthy tourist income, this
and a ton of other things lead me to believe that
this country is developed.


Major Sports in Cyprus include Basketball, Football,
Vollyball, and Racing. The most popular sport is
Football. The People of Cyprus dress Mostly the
same as we do in the United States, with the
Acception of Religious purposes. People here speak
mostly Greek and Turkish. These are the two
languages of the country. About 76% of all people
here speak English, 12% speak french, and 5%
speak German. Activities include, running, swimming,
Hanging out, and Playing videogames.

Association crest
Association crest

Ethinic/Religious makeup:

Almost all Greek Cypriots are members
of the autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus.
78% of the population is Greek Othodoxy, 18% are Sunni
Islam, and 4% are other. Turkey invaded Cyprus and took
over 35% of the land, any who didn't convert to the turkish
religion were oppressed. This happend on july 20, 1974.

external image 320px-Larnaka_eklisia.jpg


1. Turkey invaded Cyprus, and they are having Disputes.
2. There is no room for waste.
3. Conflict between Religeous groups.
4. Fuel shortages
5. Cyprus Split?


1. Live together in harmony, dont fight over who owns Cyprus, it was the greeks, turkey should not intrude.
2. Find ways to make room, Some possible solutions could include charging money per pound of garbage.
3. Keep different religious groups apart.
4. Import more fuel, or drill for it.
5. Turkey has taken over 35% of Cyprus, now they want to ceside. kick turkey out.


1. Who Invaded Cyprus?
2. What is the main Religion in Cyprus?
3. Who is the Current President of Cyprus?
4. What Type of Gov. is Cyprus?
5. What does The copper orange color on the flag mean?

Answers slide:

1. Turkey, in 1974.
2. Greek Othodoxy
3. Dimitris Christofias
4. A republic
5. The large amounts of Copper ore located in Cyprus


Websites used:(some links in words)
Dimitris Christofias
Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus.
Troodos Mountains
35°08′N 33°28′E
Eastern Mediterranean